CenterStaging Studios: The Dancer’s Haven for Auditions and Rehearsals in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, long-established as an entertainment industry capital of the world, provides a dynamic and competitive environment where performers across the United States come to perfect their craft. Finding the perfect space to prepare for auditions and rehearsals however, can be just as challenging as the productions themselves, which is where CenterStaging Studios shines, establishing itself as the primary destination for dancers throughout Los Angeles.


State-of-the-Art Studios Designed with Performers in Mind

Whether you’re preparing for a solo show or tour, CenterStaging offers twelve state-of-the-art rehearsal studios ranging in size and featuring high ceilings ideal for practicing lifts and choreography. Looking for a dedicated dance space? Studio 12 was designed with dancers in mind, featuring a sprung harlequin dance floor and a 49’ mirror wall. However, with rolling dance mirrors, staging, and an expansive catalog of backline available for rent, each studio can be customized to fit any production needs.

CenterStaging also understands the importance of audio and provides top-notch sound systems in each studio to ensure optimal music playback.


More Than Just Dance Spaces

In recognition of the demanding lifestyle of dancers, catering and craft services are available on-site where artists can relax, recharge, and connect with fellow performers between rehearsals. The WhoHasIt? Lounge provides convenient and nutritious fuel to keep dancers energized throughout their sessions.


Where Legends Are Made

CenterStaging has earned a reputation as the premier rehearsal facility for top-tier entertainment events. From iconic award shows like the GRAMMYs and the American Music Awards to popular television programs such as The Voice and American Idol, stepping into a CenterStaging studio means following in the footsteps of world-renowned artists. Performers can experience firsthand the dynamic atmosphere that’s helped to develop some of the world’s most iconic performances.


The Clear Choice for Dance in Los Angeles

In the competitive landscape of Los Angeles and Burbank’s dance scene, CenterStaging Studios remains the top choice for auditions and rehearsals. With its state-of-the-art studios, prime location, extensive services, and legacy of excellence, CenterStaging empowers dancers to unleash their full potential.  Book Now

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